Iterative Everything

Though a requirement within science and industry, iterative design is often overlooked. I believe that nothing is created out of thin air and is never perfect first time. 

Everything I do, be it branding, carpentry, sewing or AI goes through this iterative process of; design, build, test, learn iterate.

A simple and obvious process that gets clients and me to the finish line in a logical and accountable way. Giving agency to all and limiting nasty mishaps down the line.

Who Am I

Multi-displinary maker and designer with an environmental bent

Ex-welder, ex-photojournalist, ex-SEO, ex-river conservationist and all sorts inbetween. Available for consultancy and creation.

Brand Work

Logo design, re-brand and complete brand workups for a range of clients

Fish Pass app

A complete bottom-up brand for an app that I also designed for Westcountry Rivers Trust


A little extra-curricular project for Westcountry Rivers Trust producing their annual report and this logo to go with their magazine name.

Albury Estates 

A partial re-brand of a very fussy and textured logo. Clarity and class was asked for, but the crescent moon and trout had to remain.

Sager & Wild

Brand design and social implementation for Sager and Wild. 

Contact us

Tucked away in the 'forgotten corner' of Cornwall. I'm a stones throw from Plymouth

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